Easy Way to Restore Deleted Photos from iPhone/iPad

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There are many occasions when your data on your iPhone gets accidentally deleted due to various reasons such as restoring factory settings, iOS update, system crash, virus attack or forgetting the password and things like that. It may also happen accidentally while deleting some other unusable data. Majority of people face this issue. However, no matter the reason is, your data on the iPhone will not lose.

If you are facing such situation, dr.fone has a solution to your problem. Dr.fone is data recovery software which gives you the opportunity to recover deleted data from your devices plus a lot more. It is available for both Windows and Mac devices and you also have an option to try it for free in order to see whether it works for you or not. Dr.fone is compatible with iPhone and over, all models of iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad mini, iPod touch 5 and iPod touch 4. Dr.fone offers three methods to restore pictures.

Important Information About Recovery of Deleted Photos

There are several methods you can use to recover photos and other important files from the iPhone. ICloud or iTunes backup are the two commonly used techniques for recovery of photos.

But both of these methods have some drawbacks which include:

  1. You have no choice to select and view the file you want to restore.
  2. You are left with only one option and that is to recover the whole backup altogether and it would remove your current data and replace it with the previous backup.  

It is only because of these two disadvantages that users don’t usually go for iCloud and iTunes. To cope with those issues while recovering data, you have a more convenient option i.e. dr.fone software.

Dr.fone is more reliable to use as it offers the ability to find and select the whole data in your iTunes or iCloud backup files and you are open to looking for and select photos to be restored.

Dr.fone utilizes three procedures to restore the photos from iPhone. There are basically three methods which we are going to discuss here. All the three methods are super easy and recover all the mistakenly deleted photos from iPhone.

The methods are:

Method No. 1: Direct Scanning To Recover Photos

Direct scanning of your iPhone and iPad is the perfect way to recover photos using dr.fone if you don’t have created iCloud or iTunes recently. Dr.fone is software which is used to completely scan the iOS devices and enable you to get access to all of your deleted data. You will be able to decide and select which one you are willing to restore and save those photos to your computer.

Recovery procedure of deleted photos using direct scanning

The whole process is very easy and it consists of three simple steps.

1. Connecting the iPhone with the computer

First, you have to get a dr.fone download on your computer and start the program. Then make a connection between the iPhone and computer with a wire. From the menu in dr.fone display on the screen select recover. In the recovery option, you will find three choices. Select an option “recovery through iOS device”.

2. Choose the category of the file to recover

selected all the required photos for recovery

On the next page, you will see a complete list of all the types of files present on your device. You need to select your relevant type of file and check that box. You need to choose the files which you are willing to restore. Now you will choose photos to option among deleted files. When you have selected all the required photos for recovery, click on start scan button.

3. Recover data

Here you will see an entire gallery of complete data on your device. On the left side of the screen, you can browse through different categories and view the complete gallery on the right side. At the time you have selected all the required photos to restore, click the recover option. At last, save the restored photos in your computer.

Method No. 2: Recovery of Photos Through iCloud Backup

If you know that all of your deleted pictures are present in iCloud backup, you can make use of the method offered by dr.fone. You don’t have direct access to iCloud backup; it is because direct using of iCloud backup would replace the current data with recovered one. But you can easily utilize dr.fone in order to see a visual representation of data in the iCloud backup. Therefore you can easily save the selective data to your computer.

Recovery procedure of photos using iCloud backup

1. Enter your login details into iCloud account

Sign in and recover deleted Photos from iCloud

You have to get dr.fone on your computer and start the program. On the main menu, you will see three recovery choices on the left side of the panel. There are three choices here choose between, in this case, you have to select recovery through the iCloud backup.  

You have to enter your login details that are the username and password gets access to your account. There is one thing for sure that dr.fone has no access to your personal data and your data is completely safe and private. Dr.fone is only helping you to get back your lost photos.

2. Download and Scan

Now you will be able to see a complete list of all of your iCloud backup data on your device. Its time to view and select the files which you want to restore. When you confirm the selection of all files which you want to recover, click on Download option. It may take longer based on the size of your backup file and the internet speed on your device. When the downloading process is complete, select scan option to start scanning of backup data.

3. Recovery of photos

In this step, you will see many categories of data displayed on the left-hand side of the main screen and the gallery of data on the right-hand side of the screen. You have a choice to select the data which you are willing to recover. Select the photos to restore and click on recovery button.

Method No. 3: Recovery of Photos Through iTunes Backup

The recovery from iTunes backup is a good option for the data which has back up in iTunes. If a person knows that the deleted photos are present in iTunes backup then recovery of the photo through iTunes backup is the best option using dr.fone.

Recovery procedure of deleted photos using iTunes backup

1. Choose the type of recovery

The first step is to download the dr.fone software and start the program. Then look at the main display of the program. You will see three options there and you have to select the option of recovery through iTunes backup written on the left side panel.  

2. Selection of iTunes backup

When you select the files from iTunes backup, you will find a display of entire backup storage data. Now you are here to choose the files for recovery and then click ‘start scan’ to begin scanning process. You can also remove all the useless backup data to avoid any sort of confusion and time

3. Recovery of photos from iPhone.

After the completion of the download and scanning process, you will be able to see all the photos in your gallery. Simply choose the photos that you are willing to restore and select recover option to restore all to your computer.

Other Useful Information You Should Know

1.  There are some occasions when you come across an issue while using direct restoration of the iPhone. There are chances that you get your data overwritten. In that particular case, never try to use the iPhone until getting your files back as you are likely to lose your whole data.

2.   The latest versions of iPhone or iPad have the additional benefit that the deleted photos go to the recently deleted folder and you can easily get them back.

Go to your photo gallery and find the photos you have lost or accidentally deleted. It is very simple, first go to your photo gallery by clicking the photo icon and then click on the folder, named as recently deleted files. If you happen to see photos there, just retrieve them to your phone.

You just have to tap the ‘photos’ app and open ‘recently deleted’ folder and check for deleted photos. If the photos are there you can simply get them back on your phone.

Using this simple and easy method you can restore all your precious memorable photos from iPhone and iPad. So you can use dr.fone software for the safe recovery of photos on the iPhone.

[su_note note_color=”#099b3b” text_color=”#fffdfd”]The drawbacks of using iCloud and iTunes backup directly include the complete loss and overwritten of already present data in the iPhone. You can either scan the iPhone directly using dr.fone. Both iTunes and iCloud backup can be better used with the safe recovery of data with dr.fone.[/su_note]


Give us feedback whether this comprehensive guide helped you in the recovery of your data and which of these three methods work perfectly on your iPhone. Comment your questions in the comment section below we will try to help you out.

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