Easy to Recover Deleted iMessages from iPhone/iPad

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Hello iPhone users!
Have you ever encountered a problem where you are unable to find that conversation with your best friend in iMessage? Have you ever deleted an important thread by mistake? If the answer to these questions is positive, then you are not alone.

There are multiple times when we are deleting unwanted messages from our phone. Most of us do it to clear data and free up storage. However, there are many times when we accidently delete the iMessages that are important to us. Even if the issue is not from our hand, iOS failed update, malware attack, any damage to the device, iOS firmware crash, etc are all the external problems that may arise resulting into users loosing important data.

Fortunately, there is a way through which we can recover deleted iMessages from iPhone. Yes, that’s right! You do not require a very complicated procedure. With the assistance of Dr.fone iPhone Data Recovery getting your iMessages is super easy.

Dr. fone iPhone Data Recovery is the ideal tool that will help you get your iMessages back in no time. You do not have to be science geek for this. Just a little understanding of this tool will keep you in the loop and help you recover all your personal and important data.

Whether your messages are deleted by mistake or you accidently deleted them, there is more than one way through which you can get them back! We bring you all the solutions that are ready to cater you in the best way possible. Here are some of the key solutions that can help you. Take a look!To know how to transfer iMessage from iPhone to iPhone,check here.

Recover Deleted iMessages Directly From iPhone(Recommended)


Dr.fone-recovery is a very easy-to-use interactive software. This professional software helps you get your messages on iPhone. It gives users three significant options that will recover all the data.


The best and the fastest software that helps retrieve messages from iPhone and iPad. This recovery software will help you get back all your photos, contacts, notes, messages and videos. Moreover, you can easily first preview all your data so that you are able to select the important data you definitely need. Get all your content super easily in iCloud and iTunes. It creates backup files that help restore data. This software is compatible with all sorts of iPhone models. No restrictions.

Recover Deleted iMessages From iPhone by dr.fone


  • The process is quite simple. Even if you haven’t used this software before you easily can. If you want to recover the data directly from your phone, the first step is where you connect your iPhone and computer together.
  • The second step is where you run the program on your computer. The recover option will be easily available. By choosing, Recover from iOS Device on the device you give the command and the process will begin.
  • In the next step you have to click “Messages and Attachments.” Then go on the “Start Scan” option that will help preview all your content. Your messages, images and videos will appear on the screen.
  • Next you can click on the “Messages” option which will highlight all the texts available on your phone, the ones you have and those you deleted.
  • Users have the freedom to select whatever content they want back. The selective process will not take a lot of time.

Dr.fone iPhone Data Recovery tool is compatible with iOS devices. All the last and the latest versions work very well with it. Moreover, users can preview the messages selectively and recover deleted items in no time. Whether you are looking forward to gain messages from iTunes or iCloud, you easily can. Recovering data through this tool will not affect the messages available in your iPhone.

Recover Deleted iMessages Through iTunes Backup

When was the last time you backed up data on your iPhone? If you haven’t done that recently, you need to do that soon! With the aid of dr.fone-Recover software, users have the liability of getting back their text messages that they cannot find back on their iPhone. Through iTunes messages are extracted super easily that helps restore data in no time.

Recover Deleted iMessages Through iTunes Backup


  • The process for retrieving data through iTunes is not too complex either. The first step is where you select the mode, “Recover from iTunes Backup File.” This will give command through dr.fone tool.
  • The second step is where you select all the items you want back on your iPhone. Prepare the list and click “Start Scan.” It will initiate the process and the content will be gained.
  • All the data will appear on the screen of your computer. You can extract the files easily as quick as you can.
  • Next you go to “Messages Attachments.” Preview and recover all the messages that you want back.
  • Recovering process initiates.

Recover Delete iMessages Through iCloud Backup

Recovering data from iTunes and iCloud is not too hard. However, the problem is that users have to wait for the whole backup file to retrieve. Dr.fone will give users the aid of selecting specific data instead of all the content. Specific selective data is recovered this way.

Recover Delete iMessages Through iCloud Backup
Extract iPhone imessages from iCloud backup


  • The first step involved opening the iCloud account. Here users have to switch to “Recover from iCloud Backup File.”
  • In the second step when users have access inside their iCloud account they can easily initiate the extracting work. Users do not have to worry about the security of their iCloud account, dr.fone ensures privacy of all the content. There will be no misuse of data.
  • In iCloud, users can select all the files that they want to recover.
  • In the pop-up window, users will have to check the window that says “message” and “message attachments.”
  • You can choose all the messaging content if you want or save time to selectively add the content.
  • Select the “Scan” button.
  • The last step is where you click “Recover to computer.” This command will get the data transferred in no time. You can review the messages on your iPhone as well.


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