How to Put iPhone in Recovery Mode

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A tremendous number of individuals love the iPhone because what they offer is superior in quality, Apple will never make anything inexpensive, they offer what they believe is quality and if you want it you are going to pay for it, period.

Apple is also a company that is more restrictive about the applications implemented in their store, their security is of the top importance for their users therefore they take this seriously.  As far as video, Facetime is the method when using an iPhone and this is often considered far better than the ups and downs of the other types of video implements offered on other devices.

While there is a fine line between which device is tops from one person to another, Apple or other devices.  Today we are going to be discussing the iPhone and any type of troubleshooting issues regarding the iPhone.

iPhone in Recovery Mode

So, what happens when we find ourselves dealing with a technological issue regarding our iPhone?

When we are having trouble with our phone, perhaps it is frozen, isn’t functioning properly it may be necessary to put it in what is known as recovery mode which is a safe mode on any phone.  It is commonly used when the IOS is corrupt or when there is a severe software problem that needs troubleshooting.  It is used to restore your mobile device back to the state that it was in prior to the corruption or trouble that started.

So, there are a couple different iPhone devices we are going to discuss today with regards to recovery, DFU Restore Mode and how to exit these modes when you are finished.

How to put any iPhone in Recovery Mode – from the XR/XS/X/8/7 or 7s

put iPhone in Recovery Mode steps

With these types of phones, you will need to be using the iTunes and also you will need to have a computer with iTunes installed on it.  Using original cables plug your phone into the computer.  You will then press and quickly release the volume UP button.  Then you will do the same the with volume DOWN button.  At this point you will then press and hold the Side/Power Button, holding until it restarts.  You will only release the button when you see Connect to iTunes on the screen.  From here you will go to iTunes and you will then be in Recovery Mode to proceed with what is needed to be done on your phone.

We will also talk about putting you iPhone into a DFU Restore Mode

DFU is a term known as Device Firmware Upgrade, it is often used in hacking into a device of any sort.  This state that you can put your iPhone into allows it to interact with iTunes without loading the boot loader or the IOS operating system.  This would be the obvious difference than the recovery mode listed above.

This is used for the downgrade or upgrade of the iPhones firmware as well as rebooting your device.

First you will want to plug in your device to your computer using the original cable.  At this point you will want to turn off the device by holding onto the Sleep/Wake or Power Button and then you will want to swipe it off.  Now you will want to hold the Power Button for 3 seconds.  Once that is done you will begin by holding the Home Button without letting go of the Sleep or Power button for 10 seconds.  Release the Sleep/Power button and then you will continue holding the Home Button until a pop up screen appears from iTunes that lets you know that your device is considered to be in recovery mode.

While you are in this mode if for some reason you get stuck you will simply hold the Sleep or Power button and the Home Button together until you see the Apple logo.

If the recovery mode steps listed above have been a success than the iPhone will self exit when it goes and restarts for you.  There is however a way to exit recovery mode without restoring, this is for when your phone was in proper working order prior to beginning this process.

Exiting Recovery Mode

First you will want to unplug your iPhone from the original cable that you have used to hook it up to the computer.  Now you will go ahead and hold down the Sleep/Wake Button until your iPhone turns itself off then you will proceed to let the button go.  At this point you will then hold down the Sleep/Wake Button again until you see that the Apple logo has appeared on your screen.  Now you can let go of that button and the device will go ahead and start more Exiting Recovery Mode.

These above steps are fairly easy and they work across the board for the variety of iPhones listed above.

In Conclusion

While each of the iPhones above vary, they recovery mode for each is simple to access.  The steps for each phone are similar in nature but slightly different, as each phone is slightly different.  Although we hope that we never have to use the recover mode on our phones ever, the fact is that sometimes there are problems that arise with software, hardware or the what we are using the device for.  These problems can often be easily remedied as a quick fix; the update mode should be used as a first line of defense when trying to fix the problem and when all else fails using the restore mode to correct the situation is in order.

iPhones, as well as all the other Apple devices are considered superior in quality within the market of mobile phones and devices.  This doesn’t however mean that they are free of problems.  If you are not able to repair the problem, you are having with your phone on your own using these methods consulting with a trained professional is in your best interest to maintain whatever files and data you have on your phone.

Today our phone is a direct extension of our own brain, the file cabinet, day planner and notebook that we used to carry in hand yesterday.   We can perform numerous tasks with the push of a button or swipe of a finger or thumb using our mobile devices, ensuring that the device itself is in proper order, and the software and hardware is working properly will help alleviate some of the stress of potential future problems.

Thanks to the method that Apple uses to put your phone in recovery mode using iTunes you can be assured that Apple has your back, ensuring that your important information is kept private and secure for you.

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