5 Good iPhone Cleaner App Reviews

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iPhone is the most loved and best smartphone all over the world. iPhone users enjoy lots of enchanting and useful features of the iPhone, but with time pass by the unnecessary files and cookies slows down the performance of your device. As it occurs with computer, your iPhone also generates junk files, redundant files, cookies, caches, and temporary files when time passes. The fact behind this is that the use of iOS devices is increasing day by day, and people go on downloading new and apps, which lead to the generation of too many temporary files and cookies.

In this way, the iPhone build up and store lots of unnecessary, useless and unwanted files, cookies and caches which are not visible on the screen, but they still exist and lag the performance of iPhone by consuming RAM and storage space. Deleting these temporary documents and cookies to free up and build more space in your iPhone is necessary to speed up the performance of your phone so that you can enjoy playing video games and web surfing.

It is recommended to remove these files regularly to avoid memory hogs and sluggish speed of your iPhone. If you are eliminating these files manually, it can take lots of your time. Nothing to worry about, there are the best iPhone and iPad cleaner apps and software that can increase the performance of your device and also give you details about the free space and device used space.

If you are in such a situation and tired of sluggish performance of your device, you are at the right place. Here are the 5 best iPhone cleaner which will clean your iPhone and delete junk files and cache creating more space in your device and boosting the performance of the device.


①  iFreeUp iPhone Clean

IObit-iFreeUp-ProGeneral manual cleanup is not enough for cleaning of iPhone. If you have not cleaned up your iPhone for a while, you may feel that its performance is slowing down. To ensure that your device works properly with the best speed, you need to use some good cleaning software to free up space.

One such incredible and attractive free application is iFreeUp iPhone cleaner specially designed for iOS devices. It enables you to optimize your device in some easy and straightforward way. iFreeUp iPhone cleaner works by scanning your iPhone device and evacuating unnecessary data very fast.

This memory cleaner software also cleans the hidden files and enhance the performance of your iPhone. iFreeUp iPhone cleaner corrects some configurations and eliminates all the data that are considered unnecessary.

iFreeUp iPhone cleaner is straightforward to use. The very first and foremost step is to download and install the program on your computer. Then, you have to connect your iPhone to your PC and launch the program. The first window will appear, and you will see a modern interface. After clicking the sweep button, the program runs a thorough diagnosis and instantly starts a complete sweep to eliminate each and everything that may appear unwanted. The key features of iFreeUp iPhone cleaner software are given below:

Key Features:

  • Clean caches, cookies, and unnecessary files created by iOS applications in your iPhone to free up storage space
  • Eliminate unwanted log files and caches to enhance the performance of your device
  • The software thoroughly shred each deleted file to avoid privacy leak
  • Remove useless hidden files to increase the speed of iPad and iPhone
  • Clean the temporary and junk files created by the iOS application and other apps in just one click to free up more accessible space
  • Additionally, it also provides import, export, and elimination of videos, photos, books, music, podcasts, and apps on your iPhone.

②  iMyFone Umate iPhone cleane

If you feel your iPhone or iPad is not working in the right way as it should, one thing you can do is the use of software to optimize the performance of the system that can clean up all the junk that may be considered unwanted. iMyFone Umate iPhone cleaner is another best iPhone cleaner tool that can completely clean the temporary files and junk that are the main culprits behind the slow speed of your device.

iMyFone Umate iPhone cleaner provides three security level to deal with your different needs and requirements. It provides a penalty of cleaning techniques for your personal data and provides security to keep your data secure. The application offers advanced and modern space-saving analysis techniques that thoroughly check the whole iOS storage use and cleans the junk information to maximize memory storage.

iMyFone Umate comes with 25 plus advances space-saving analysis techniques that thoroughly scans your iOS devices and examine how much space can be freed. You can do the cleaning of all useless data in just one click. iMyFone Umate is the best way to get rid of all temporary files, junk data, and uninstall unwanted apps in bulk. The key features of iMyFone Umate iPhone cleaner software are given below:

Key Features:

  • Completely get rid of 30 plus types of temporary and junk files which are responsible for the sluggish performance of the device _ free trial version
  • Compress the iPhone photos without any loss to save up to 75% of photo space
  • Easily backup large files and photos to your PC and remove them from iPhone to create space
  • Clean iPhone messages, notes, contacts, WeChat/Whatsapp data, browsing history, cache, temporary files and many more
  • Erase all the iPhone data permanently that is 100% unrecoverable
  • It can delete your private data to protect your privacy and data leakage
  • Delete incomplete fragments from third party application to generate more space and boost your device
  • Delete the junk files temporary files, cache and cookie with only one tap of your finger.
  • The program enables you to eliminate your data like messages, contacts, videos, and photos with zero percent chance of recovery.

③  Cisdem iPhone Cleaner

Many times we come across a situation while downloading a new game or updating on the iPhone, and a pop-up message appears saying that you don’t have enough storage space. Most of us remove some stuff like apps, photos, videos, or music files to make space for the new item. If you are one of them, then Cisdem iPhone cleaner tool is the best suit for you.

With the help of Cisdem iPhone cleaner, you can resolve all sorts of issues related to iPad, iPod touch and iPhone such as iPhone freezes up, slow speed, low performance or when taking more time to start up. Cisdem iPhone Cleaner is an attractive tool to analyze and eliminate junk files from iOS devices.

Cisdem iPhone cleaner is a fantastic tool for various reasons, especially for its broad compatibility. Practically it can be used in any gadget, including Shuffle, the simplest iPod. Thus, if you are searching for a way out to clean any iOS device, this application might be a good idea. It makes visible the large files, taking up the most space in your iPhone that you can erase. It is something only a few cleaner tools for Mac can do. It can also do a backup of all data for your PC, without any use of iTunes. Therefore, you can transfer music, contacts, and photos quickly.

Empty folders, program cache, unnecessary files left by applications that were uninstalled, applications that frequently not in use, etc. can be easily removed with Cisdem. You have to install the program on your computer and then connect your iPhone with your PC and wait for recognition. After your device is recognized, launch the program. No advanced configuration required, Cisdem iPhone cleaner is simple and straightforward to use. The key features of Cisdem iPhone cleaner software are given below:

Key features:

  • The program works very fast and provides security without causing any damage to your saved data and device
  • The interface of the program is well designed and enables users to operate it in an easy and simple way
  • Easily remove temporary and junk files that are responsible for the sluggish performance of your device
  • Boost the performance and speed of your old iPad, iPhone, and iPod and enable them to run faster like new devices
  • You can backup all the stuff in your iPad and iPhone before the optimization
  • Eliminate iOS junk and temporary files
  • Cfiles after app uninstallation.iPiPhone. orary filesleans leftover junk files deeply after the uninstallation of apps
  • Generates a complete backup of files before the start of cleaning process
  • Also removes iOS and iTunes junk and temporary files
  • Shows the details of how much space is being occupied by stuff like video, music, photos, apps, and other stuff.

④  CleanMyPhone

CleanMyPhone or iPhone cleaner is an iPhone cleaner having straightforward interface and ability to clean up useless data and temporary files, consequently creating more space in your iDevice. If you have too many apps on your iPhone and have no time and patience to look for them one by one to clean them, then let you job done by CleanMyPhone software. It is specially designed to create more space on your iPad, iPod, and iPhone to make sure that your device runs smoothly and faster.

The software safely clears all the useless and unwanted files in your iPhone to enhance its performance. It creates more space for you to install new apps that are necessary, such as your videos, pictures, music and also to play your favorite games fastly and smoothly. CleanMyPhone cleans scripts and cookies, protects your privacy, and guarantee the safety of your personal data. It will prevent leaking of your information when you connect to some other devices. The key features of CleanMyPhone software are given below:

Key Features:

  • The software deeply scans your device space and examine how much space can be freed
  • Recover the storage space in your iPhone and ensure that your device runs smoothly
  • Quickly eliminate large useless data from your iPhone
  • Permanently erase your personal data with high security and privacy cleaner
  • Organize, configure, and manage apps and files on your iPhone
  • You can backup your data on your iDevices in just one click
  • The program can quickly search for large files taking up your disk space and cleans them up

⑤  PhoneClean

Smartphones may generate and stores lots of useless data such as remnants of apps and cookies. For instance iTunes creates files if syncing is not complete. For such situation, PhoneClean can be handy software. It is a small, reliable, and straightforward cleaner for iOS devices that facilitates you to take out trash on your iOS devices effortlessly.

All the unwanted garbage documents and temporary files such as cookies and cache can be cleared in a simple click. This software also operates in real-time scan and remove all the duplicate and junk files at once. PhoneClean is efficient application that is capable of releasing a sufficient amount of storage space in your iOS device. It makes use of sound policy to clean your device and keep it clean, no matter how much space you free.

The application is small, comprehensive and is very easy to use. It is worth to have PhoneClean on your iOS device, after all, the practice of evacuating files that only occupies space should be a part of smartphone owner’s routine. The interface of the software has satisfying tones and is easy to operate. It is because the program executes only a single function, and there is nothing hidden to know where one should click. The key features of PhoneClean software are given below:

Key Features:

  • Clear the memory to free up space as well as fix the small issues on your iPad or iPhone
  • It can optimize the performance of your iPhone and fix different errors related to iOS devices in just a single click
  • The software can clear up to 30 types of useless and junk documents
  • The program offers 9 powerful iPad and iPhone tune-up tools for assistance in routine use
  • The software comes with 20 plus advanced data analyzing technologies to clear the junk files
  • It is the only existing iOS software that offers complete personal data protection
  • The program is 100% safe and efficiently clean up iOS with no jailbreak required
  • It supports all types of iOS devices, including iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

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